Gallery opening

So this a little overdue, but I graduated this year and received a degree in fine arts (yay me I finished something!)


My teacher, took it upon himself to mat and frame some of my drawings and then displayed them at the commencement ceremony. 


I didn’t actually get to go the ceremony, but I did get to see my stuff on display. As an artist, it really gave me a feeling of accomplishment, and as usual I felt incredibly lucky to have a teacher who would go the extra mile for his students.11007722_10203211730967947_3453928804769883946_n 

Here are some close ups of the drawings that were displayed.

IMG_0787_2 DSC_0232 DSC_0083 DSC_0082 DSC_0084 IMG_9966Galley


It’s Wednesday.

 There is nothing I love more than making something for somebody and seeing their reaction when I finally finish it. Usually there is a period of uncertainty prior to this feeling. I don’t think they will like it, they are going to regret ever asking me to make a mug or bowl. Then hate me even more because I want them to pay for it.  
 It hasn’t happened that way yet, but that still doesn’t calm my worries. I love what I do.  Everyday I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am. Not too long ago, a new home basically fell into my lap. I had known I needed to move for a while, but made no attempt to look for a new spot. Lo and behold a friend of mine called me up to say her friend was renting a house that would be perfect me, and it was. It had everything I wanted including a studio building I could work in. A place for my creative chaos to run wild and make messes. It was like a dog that had been chained up its whole life finally had a chance to run wild and free.  

Prior to this space, I had my tiny trailer home kitchen to work in. My wheel was tucked in next to a small shelf. My glass top stove doubled as a work table. It was cramped and messy, but I was fine with it. Now I have no idea how I ever put up with it. But I guess we all have to remember where we came from.